Alpha House Client List

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Client NameCase Manager
Allderdice, Jason CM, Pending TL
Allderdice, Jason CM, Pending TL
Allderdice, Jason Anderson, Allan
Americanhorse, FarronDoll, Amanda
Anderson, DanielFisk, Nathan
Annable, VincentCM, Pending TL
Annable, VincentAnderson, Allan
Ascheman, CliffordSchneider, Dustin
Bailey, JacobJackson, Bethany
Baldwin, JohnJackson, Bethany
Banford, GregorySchneider, Dustin
Begaye, LuciusSchneider, Dustin
Belgarde, HermanAnderson, Allan
Bentley, ClayDoll, Amanda
Berberick, MichaelDoll, Amanda
Berger, CodyBauer, Jen
Birdtail, NicholasChenoweth, Adam
Blevins, MalcolmPorter, Susanne
Bliler, CalvinChenoweth, Adam
Boothman , Robert Bauer, Jen
Boucher, MitchellBauer, Jen
Bracha, BillSchneider, Dustin
Brien, MichaelCM, Pending TL
Brien, MichaelJackson, Bethany
Brien, MichaelCM, Pending TL
Brown, TylerPorter, Susanne
Buckles, ThomasSchneider, Dustin
Carrier, HaleSchneider, Dustin
Carrier, HaleCM, Pending TL
Carver, EricSchneider, Dustin
Cary, ChristopherJackson, Bethany
Castillo, VidalBauer, Jen
Caylon, JohnDoll, Amanda
Chavez, BrianJackson, Bethany
Chilcote, Brady Doll, Amanda
Chilcote, HowardChenoweth, Adam
Chippewa, ShadricAnderson, Allan
Clark, DewittJackson, Bethany
Cleary, DennisChenoweth, Adam
Cluff, MichaelSchneider, Dustin
Coates, KristopherJackson, Bethany
Contreraz, BrianFisk, Nathan
Contreraz, BrianCM, Pending TL
Cook, TannerChenoweth, Adam
Cooney, GeorgeAnderson, Allan
Copple, JacobPorter, Susanne
Coughlin, AnthonyJackson, Bethany
Daffern, Brandon Schneider, Dustin
Davison, PaulAnderson, Allan
Delgadillo, StevenChenoweth, Adam
Depaoli, DaltonBauer, Jen
Dey, DavidChenoweth, Adam
Dezort, TravisDoll, Amanda
Docken, LelandPorter, Susanne
Doney, AloysiusChenoweth, Adam
Doney, ArthurPorter, Susanne
Doney, MichaelBauer, Jen
Door, GarrettDoll, Amanda
Dougherty, Kyle Anderson, Allan
Druce, StevenCM, Pending TL
Druce, StevenChenoweth, Adam
Ebert, Joshua Chenoweth, Adam
Eiden, WesleyDoll, Amanda
Eiden, WesleyCM, Pending TL
Eisch, BrianChenoweth, Adam
Eppers, RonaldPorter, Susanne
Fasthorse, CameronAnderson, Allan
Fernandez, ErnestChenoweth, Adam
Fitzpatrick, BryanChenoweth, Adam
Flowers, PatrickBauer, Jen
Follette, EthanPorter, Susanne
Ford, Andrew Doll, Amanda
Ford, CharloDoll, Amanda
Fortune, KeithCM, Pending TL
Fortune, KeithBauer, Jen
Fortune, KeithCM, Pending TL
Foster, AndrewSchneider, Dustin
Fuller, Steven Jackson, Bethany
Garcia, JorgeChenoweth, Adam
Garza, David Jackson, Bethany
Gavin, CodySchneider, Dustin
Gonzales, JohnDoll, Amanda
Gordon, ShawnBauer, Jen
Gray, DionChenoweth, Adam
Gray, DionCM, Pending TL
Gray, VictorSchneider, Dustin
Groom , JerimiahDoll, Amanda
Grywusiewicz, IanDoll, Amanda
Haaser, GeorgeBauer, Jen
Haaser, GeorgeCM, Pending TL
Hafer, JarydChenoweth, Adam
Hamlin, DonaldPorter, Susanne
Hamlin, DonaldCM, Pending TL
Hanson, GregoryAnderson, Allan
Harris, GlenDoll, Amanda
Heiser, MontyCM, Pending TL
Heiser, MontyBauer, Jen
Heiser, MontyCM, Pending TL
Hendy, RobertJackson, Bethany
Herbert, RyanDoll, Amanda
Hill , RichardCM, Pending TL
Hill , RichardBauer, Jen
Hill, JustinJackson, Bethany
Hill, JustinCM, Pending TL
Hodges, LawrenceDoll, Amanda
Hogsett, JacobSchneider, Dustin
Holmquist, ChristopherBauer, Jen
House, JohnPorter, Susanne
Infante, JasonDoll, Amanda
Jefferson-Dust, JosephChenoweth, Adam
Job, LucasBauer, Jen
Job, LucasCM, Pending TL
Job, LucasCM, Pending TL
Johnson, DarrenBauer, Jen
Johnston, IsaccBauer, Jen
Jones, MickeyJackson, Bethany
Julian, AaronDoll, Amanda
Kahle, LawrenceSchneider, Dustin
Kaufman, DustinSchneider, Dustin
Keeling, JermaineJackson, Bethany
Kennah, JoshuaChenoweth, Adam
Kirby, JeffreyJackson, Bethany
Knows His Gun, JohnJackson, Bethany
Kreuz, JordonBauer, Jen
Kupka, JonathanSchneider, Dustin
Leniz, Eric Bauer, Jen
Letz, GregorySchneider, Dustin
Lewis, BrandonChenoweth, Adam
Lingard, JasonDoll, Amanda
Link, DanielBauer, Jen
Link, KylePorter, Susanne
Linton, Charles Anderson, Allan
Lionshows, FrankSchneider, Dustin
Lozier, MicahChenoweth, Adam
Lubick, BrianPorter, Susanne
Marker, JeremiahDoll, Amanda
Marquart, WilliamSchneider, Dustin
Martell, MichaelBauer, Jen
Martinez, RichardBauer, Jen
Martinez, RichardCM, Pending TL
Martinez, RichardCM, Pending TL
Matt, RobertJackson, Bethany
McClammy, RoyceAnderson, Allan
Mejia, OscarSchneider, Dustin
Metz, JohnChenoweth, Adam
Miller, JessJackson, Bethany
Miller, JessCM, Pending TL
Miller, KurtisJackson, Bethany
Miller, KurtisCM, Pending TL
Montoya, AaronPorter, Susanne
Moreno, ShaneChenoweth, Adam
Mraz, KristopherJackson, Bethany
Mueller, Brian Doll, Amanda
Murphy, BrandonAnderson, Allan
Muzzana, DustyAnderson, Allan
Netz, AdamChenoweth, Adam
O'Bleness, LesterDoll, Amanda
Odom, DerekJackson, Bethany
Passons, RussellChenoweth, Adam
Pauly, TuckerPorter, Susanne
Payne, TimothyAnderson, Allan
Phillips, StevenCM, Pending TL
Phillips, StevenDoll, Amanda
Phillips, StevenCM, Pending TL
Pier, StevenBauer, Jen
Pierce, JasonSchneider, Dustin
Plentyhawk, LawrenceChenoweth, Adam
Plovanic, JohnSchneider, Dustin
Powell, JefferyAnderson, Allan
Rains, TrevorSchneider, Dustin
Ramey, PhillipSchneider, Dustin
Redwolf, GordonAnderson, Allan
Rhodes, MichaelPorter, Susanne
Robbins, DanielDoll, Amanda
Robinson, MatthewCM, Pending TL
Robinson, MatthewDoll, Amanda
Roehr, JeremyDoll, Amanda
Romero, AnthonyJackson, Bethany
Roppel, DallasChenoweth, Adam
Routh-Seal, TristanDoll, Amanda
Rowe, MarshallSchneider, Dustin
Rusk, BrandonChenoweth, Adam
Saccheri, ShawnGoboff, William
Sanchey, JohnAnderson, Allan
Sangrey, MichaelJackson, Bethany
Scanlan, Josh Schneider, Dustin
Scanlan, Josh CM, Pending TL
Slater, AnthonyCM, Pending TL
Slater, AnthonyBauer, Jen
Smith, RonaldPorter, Susanne
Snider, AnthonyAnderson, Allan
Songer, ZacharyCM, Pending TL
Songer, ZacharyAnderson, Allan
Songer, ZacharyCM, Pending TL
Southwick, PaulAnderson, Allan
Stafford, IsacPorter, Susanne
Standish, RobertJackson, Bethany
Stanley, CurtisDoll, Amanda
Stevens, TrentonAnderson, Allan
Stillsmoking, NathanAnderson, Allan
Story, MichaelChenoweth, Adam
Swan, EricPorter, Susanne
Tagger, BillyPorter, Susanne
Taylor, KalvinChenoweth, Adam
Threefingers, JavinAnderson, Allan
Tsosie, PhillipBauer, Jen
Tsosie, PhillipCM, Pending TL
Tsosie, PhillipCM, Pending TL
Turbeville, ScottSchneider, Dustin
Vallie, AceDoll, Amanda
Vandersloot, LonnieJackson, Bethany
Veatch, RandallBauer, Jen
Verley, KyleChenoweth, Adam
Vincelette, JacobDoll, Amanda
Visser, James Chenoweth, Adam
Vukasin, KennethAnderson, Allan
Vukasin, KennethCM, Pending TL
Vukasin, KennethCM, Pending TL
Walls , EugeneAnderson, Allan
Warburton, ChristopherDoll, Amanda
Watson, MatthewAnderson, Allan
Wenzel, JeffreyChenoweth, Adam
White, NathanSchneider, Dustin
Whiteaker, JamesDoll, Amanda
Whiteman, RealandJackson, Bethany
Williams, BillyJackson, Bethany
Wolf, CameronCM, Pending TL
Wolf, CameronChenoweth, Adam
Wolf, CameronCM, Pending TL
Yost, DavidDoll, Amanda
Yost, RobertJackson, Bethany
Yost, RobertCM, Pending TL
Young, BrendanBauer, Jen
Zanders, AdrianCM, Pending TL
Zanders, AdrianJackson, Bethany
Zeiler, CalebChenoweth, Adam
Ziler, CodyAnderson, Allan